About Roxanne

In 2014, after a physical injury ended my career, I found myself looking for my next passion. I always knew helping others was a priority for the work I would do, and this career was the one that I was being groomed into.

I came from a low income emotionally dysfunctional family and had a really traumatic childhood. I was forced to leave home at 15 years old, lived wherever I could lay my head and worked part time for less than minimum wage. There were days I slept in my minivan and times I was at the mercy of my friends families, and a deli owner, to give me the food she would’ve normally thrown in the trash at the end of the night. I was battered and bruised and broken. But I kept pushing forward. There were days I would’ve rather been dead, but I smoked cigarettes to calm my nerves. I taught myself to drive, how to balance a check book, and worked for every penny to pay for college. I became a hospital pharmacy technician in 2002 and then it took me 6 years to earn an associates degree and license in dental hygiene.

Once I was a hygienist, I realized how significant it was for me to quit smoking. As I sat in the hypnotist’s office, crowded with diplomas and paperwork all documenting the efforts of this strange man, I knew if this worked, that one day I needed to understand how and why. During my back injury, I had the time to begin studying about hypnosis. I made sure to understand the difference between those stage hypnotists and a therapeutic hypnotist and once I knew how much help I could offer as the latter,  I knew I had found my niche!

I found a Brian Weiss trained instructor and immediately knew she would be my teacher. I’m very grateful for the insight and lessons from Barbara Angelo of South Jersey. 

I decided to start the Mindful Healing Practice, in order to have a place where I could strive to treat each client as an individual. You may think you are walking in with a label of “addict”, or “broken“, or even simply “not right”, but my goal is to give you the freedom to leave those labels at the door. I assist clients to embrace their “authentic self” by hosting a nonjudgmental environment. Everyone has work to do on themselves, so there is no shame in needing help.

Hypnosis allows the client, to get to know them self on a deeper level once the noise of daily living is quieted through guided suggestions from the hypnotist. While the hypnotist may be a part of this process, the person in control is always the client. It is still important to find a hypnotist that you can trust and will respect you and your needs.

Reiki is a safe, non-intrusive hands-on healing technique that has been used to treat illness for over a hundred years. This modality allows blockages and imbalances in the chakra’s to be cleared. It really is one of those things you have to experience to understand. Gentle, loving, calming energy to help ease the pain, emotional, physical or spiritual.

I myself, have had these two treatments and major success with overcoming fear, anxiety, pain, smoking, limiting self talk and more. I have seen major changes in my own clients and have had really amazing success stories since I began. Check out my Testimonials of Transformation page.

I’ve helped a client who chewed tobacco for more than 20 years to quit and learn to breathe through difficulty.

I’ve helped a child that wasn’t eating solid foods to eat again and taught him new coping skills for his constant worrying.

I’ve helped a corporate financial consultant to overcome fears of approaching C.E.O.’s about her business. Then I worked with her on developing better business focus for herself.

I’ve helped a childhood rape victim overcome fears of intimacy and work toward thriving in healthy relationships by understanding boundaries.

The stories of transformation go on and on. In my past job as a hygienist, I was known for putting the people most afraid of the dentist at ease and getting the job done painlessly. I’ve even lulled a few of those nervous patients off to sleep during periodontal surgery!

Allow me to take you a step further in your journey, meeting your needs and goals by scheduling a session today. I’m here to help.