Testimonials of Transformation 

“With Roxanne’s help, I was able to identify the root of my relationship issues. She encouraged me to acknowledge those issues and deal with them head on. When I felt incapable of expressing my feelings accurately, she helped me find my voice by offering examples of healthy and productive dialogue so that I was better able to communicate my needs to those around me. She has been patient, understanding, straightforward and honest and has guided me on a path to create healthier patterns for myself going forward. She was fully engaged throughout all of our sessions and still remains my biggest cheerleader! This is not just a profession for Roxanne, it is a calling. She is truly invested in helping people find their happiness because it brings her happiness as well!”

Megan O.

Philadelphia, PA

“To say that this remarkable woman has an angelic soul would be such an understatement. They say that the majority of the world only listens with the intent to reply, while only a few do so to understand. Her heart, soul and ears go beyond understanding. While the world will not even understand you through your words, she WILL, even when you’re in silence. The vibration that she offers you will allow you to let your walls down and speak through your heart and soul.”

An L. 

Lansdale, PA.

“Upon first meeting Roxanne I knew right away she was someone I could trust. She just had this way of putting all my fears at ease and I knew immediately that I could tell her anything without fear of judgement. I was going through a serious rough patch in my life. I was quiet and painfully shy. I thought no would ever understand me and I would always be living inside myself, hiding who I truly was. I put up a wall to protect myself from any type of pain. Roxanne helped me to tear that wall down, little by little. She helped me find my voice and in time helped me to understand that I am not alone and it’s ok to be different. She is truly one of a kind and I am grateful for the wisdom and the guidance she has bestowed upon me.” 

Meg S.

Philadelphia, PA.

“It felt good being hypnotized, and it helped me feel calm. I felt in control, but enjoyed the relaxation enough to let go. My stomach hurt everyday from certain foods and anxiety, even on a limited diet and the medications I take under a specialist’s care, but since having Reiki done once a week, it makes me feels better.” 


Marlton, NJ.

“Roxanne hands down is awesome! She was able to help my son when he was having issues and fears of eating solid food for several months. After two sessions he was able to overcome these fears and start eating solid food again and still continues to do so to this day. Not only was Roxanne able to help him she was also able help me deal with my stress and anxiety from daily family life and work. I would have never thought that Hypnotherapy would have helped me deal with my anxiety and stress as much as it has now. I not only notice the difference in myself but my family has stated that they have seen a change in me. I am now more patient when I am in stressful situation both in work and at home. I would highly recommend hypnotherapy to anyone who is experience high levels of stress and anxiety or with anyone dealing with a phobia that could effect there health or daily living.”

Lisa S.

Philadelphia, PA.