Create a New Highway to the New You 

Understanding neural pathways of the brain and how to manipulate them can significantly help oneself to change bad habits. Our brains are built like a road map of the city. The more we use a road, the stronger it needs to be. The more work that is done on it, so that we can move with ease, each time we choose that road. 

Let’s say for instance, that you have been eating when you get stressed for your whole adult life. After ten or twenty years of growing this habit, really, even after one year of doing it, your brain has built a road from stress to eating. Suddenly you find that even if you don’t want to, the craving is there. You cry out for HELP! But what can you do? 

Well, fortunately our brains have been found to have neuroplasticity which allows for common roads to be used less and a new, and better, road to be formed. It doesn’t happen over night and there are ways to promote this “new road” to grow more rapidly. 

A state of relaxed concentration on the new road can help to form those neural pathways into better habits. 

Learning a mantra (a statement or slogan repeated frequently) for the cravings or times of trouble, can also help to retrain the brain. 

During hypnosis, a client is brought into a state of deep relaxation where they are then guided to observe and build a new road specific for them. Everyone has trigger words and behaviors linked to their habit that, when specified, can increase the chances of change. Self hypnosis tools are given, or techniques are taught in order to assist the client to continue building the road, on their own, between sessions. Within a few weeks time, most clients have already stopped the old habit and rebuilt the new one. Everyone is different and some people need more sessions than others depending on the work they are willing to do themselves in between. 

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New roads are waiting to be built for you! 

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