How to Prepare for Hypnosis

Hypnosis can be a very enjoyable and healing experience. Many people seek hypnosis to curb bad habits, begin new ones, to meet spirit guides or to visit a past life. There are however, a few tips I can give you to help you enjoy your experience more thoroughly.


Tip #1- Don’t over do it on the caffeine. Excessive caffeine levels can cause a person to be too fidgety or unable to relax so that they can have the best experience possible. This goes for alcohol, marijuana and any stimulants that could change your ability to be in touch with yourself and/or reality.

Tip #2- Wear comfortable clothing. I cannot stress this enough. Whether it is warm or cold, dress appropriately, in unrestricted clothing that will allow you to relax. Nothing itchy or that you will feel suffocated by when sitting for an hour or two. This isn’t a fashion show. It’s really about being comfortable.

Tip #3- Plan your timing well. You do not want to be running late for this kind of appointment as it will cause you to feel flustered and may be difficult to relax once the session begins. This is also a profession where clients may be booked back to back and it would allow you to get the full time of your appointment if you are on time. Also, plan for some down time afterward. Hypnosis can be healing in a way for some people that brings up repressed emotions. You may want to schedule some time after the session to be able to simply sit with your own thoughts in a quiet space. I HIGHLY recommend Yoga or Floating before or after a session to help release any toxins, and connect the body mind even more. This is obviously not required, but I have done it and it seems my thoughts are much more clear when this is done together.

Tip #4- Eat a moderate meal that won’t upset your stomach. You don’t want your stomach in knots while you’re trying to relax, but you also don’t want to be so hungry that you cannot ignore the growling.

Tip #5- If you have questions about hypnosis or wish to explore certain things that you have read about or feel a close connection to, take some time to write down your thoughts and feelings about these things and bring them with you to your session. Also, let go of any preconceptions and expectations about what may happen for you. Trust the process and approach your session with an open heart, knowing that you will go where you need to go and see what you need to see.


Tip #1- Drink plenty of water, and eat something small afterward to ground yourself. (A small piece of chocolate is excellent for this.) Hypnosis can be dehydrating and cause some clients to feel a bit out of sorts. It is a deep experience which can open up your senses.

Tip #2- Don’t over analyze the session too much right away. Allow yourself time to journal about the session or talk about it with someone you trust, but most of all, be open to the new understanding you will have about yourself.



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